About Togoshi Hachiman Shrine.


Across Edo
If you go to Jojuan, the source of clear water
Wishes always come true.

It is said that the place name Togoshi is derived from this old poem.

Going to Soan (Jojuan), the origin of Togoshi Hachiman Shrine, had a reputation for fulfilling your wishes in a moment.
The poem is also a tribute to that.

Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street is a lively mall famous for being one of the longest in the Kanto region. As you pass through it and go up Shimizu-slope, Miyamae-slope and Hachiman-slope, you will find yourself in a space full of trees.
Togoshi Hachiman Shrine is waiting for you there with a gentle appearance.

The current shrine structure was built in 200 years ago and restored in 1866 (Ansei 2). 

The Honden (main hall) and Haiden (worship hall) are Wayo (Japanese)-style and have Irimoya Yane roof made all with cypress.
They are valuable buildings with delicate styles and elaborate sculptures, but need to be repaired because 150 years have passed since their construction.

The area where the shrine is located is designated as a Shinagawa Ward Fireproofing 10 year Project, through which incombustibility will increase.

In addition, based on a city planning, a major road that crosses the Togoshi Ginza shopping street will be constructed.
The state of the town is likely to change in the coming decades.

What should be the relationship between communities and shrines?
Perceptions about that have diversified in recent years.

Among shrines around the country engaged in various initiatives, Togoshi Hachiman Shrine hopes to strengthen its ties with the community.
Moreover, we will explore new ways to welcome people from all over the world.

One Box Book Fair at Togoshi Hachiman Shrine is an event held as one of those attempts.

Using the approach to the shrine with refreshing grove of trees and the space in front of Kagura Hall (Kaguraden), this event creates new encounters and communication through a box of secondhand books.

We hope that this book fair will be a catalyst for connecting books and people, people to people, and people to Togoshi Hachiman Shrine.

What is “One Box Book Fair”?


What is “One Box Book Fair”?

It is an one-day event to enjoy pretending a bookshop, where many vendors bring secondhand books in each one box.

A name of the shop, selection of the books and the selling method are totally free.

Enjoy communication with visitors and other shop owners. Even if this is your first time participating in a book fair, we believe it will be a great experience!

The prototype of this book fair is “ Shinobazu Book Street” in Sendagi TOKYO 2005, and its successor events have been held in many cities nationwide.

One Box Book Fair at Togoshi Hachiman Shrine is one of them.